Women’s Health & Wellness Issues

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As a woman, it is very important that you educate yourself in every facet of women’s health, because it covers a broad spectrum right from general health down to the narrower focus of reproductive health. Women’s health is a big issue from pregnancy to infections, to infertility

When it comes to health, men and women experience and react to various conditions differently. Both need to engage in preventative measures as this improves their quality of life.

The subject of women’s health is a growing issue. There is lots of information out there relative to this topic which can make things a little confusing but as you go through it you will find that the fundamentals remain the same.

There are also numerous products out there to help women overcome various health challenges but you should always educate yourself about what you are taking. The internet is a wonderful tool to do this. There are lots of forums and communities out there where women discuss products they have used and what benefits or drawbacks they experienced while taking them

Like anything else, it is all about getting the right information. So you may need to dig deep and always double check for various official references.

As we all know, what you eat is very important when it comes to your health. Shockingly, some of the most important ingredients necessary to have a healthy diet are more often then not in short supply in the foods that we eat on a daily basis.

The good news is that healthy foods are readily available in your local grocery store but you may need to make an extra effort to find them. It’s funny how they seem to display the nutrient-robbing foods more prevalently over that of the healthy foods.

Women have many health issues to deal with such as breast cancer for example. It is very important as a woman that you do regular mammograms as a preventative measure. As per usual exercise is important and it is also essential that you develop good habits. Such as drinking plenty of water, eating fresh food such as fruit and veggies and in general having a balanced diet.

Remember, prevention is always better than a cure. Regular exercise and good eating habits will do a lot to improve your lifestyle and self image. It will also help with your mental health and general outlook on life and along with this regular exercise has been proven to reduce the severity of menstrual cramps.

Finally, another key element to health is sleep. Sleep deprivation is not good for you and there are numerous studies out there that report on the various health issues that can arise due to lack of sleep. In conclusion, eat healthy, exercise and get routine check ups for maximum health.

The Surprising Big Threat To Women’s Health

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I have to admit, sometimes I’m a little worried when I see all the publicity and awareness about breast cancer. Certainly I consider breast cancer a significant threat. As an integrative doctor, specializing in women’s health, I’ve seen enough patients battling this disease to know this first-hand.

But as bad as it is, breast cancer is not the biggest killer of women. Heart disease kills more women than any other disease. In fact it kills more women than all cancers combined. And it kills more older women than it kills older men.

Unfortunately, not enough women take this threat seriously enough. While it’s slowly gaining more recognition, it’s not on our radars… and it’s not on enough physicians’ radars as well.

As one of my colleagues, a thoracic surgeon with a great sense of humor, said in a speech I recently attended, “I wish doctors would stop giving women the bikini treatment, focusing only on breasts and reproductive organs.”

Indeed, there’s a lot more of you in between that needs care. Chief among these parts of your body is your heart.

How To Give Your Heart Some Good, Healthy Love

Now, certainly some women have the odds already stacked against them if they have a family history of heart disease.

But for most of us, protecting your heart is a matter of lifestyle changes.

  • Eat lots of veggies and fruits to get lots of fiber and antioxidants.
  • Move your body – sweat!
  • Take care of your emotional health. Minimize stress and maximize your relationships.

You’ve probably heard this advice but I’ll repeat it. Because here’s the thing that you may not hear from your doctor…

No medical intervention – surgery or drugs or special medical devices – none of these can fix a broken heart.

Sure, we can patch things together a bit to help your heart limp along. But it’s not the same as having a healthy heart.

And here’s another story you may not hear very much about. Many of these interventions may even make things worse.

Several studies have shown certain statin drugs offer no benefit to women at risk for heart disease. And there is some evidence that it may even increase women’s risk for heart attacks and death.[1]

In 2012, the Archives of Internal Medicine published a study showing that statins increased the risk for diabetes in post-menopausal women by 71%.[2]

I’m not saying this because I don’t value the technology western medicine offers. I’ve seen firsthand how conventional medicine can save lives.

But the best cure is prevention. And the best doctor is you.

Easy Steps To Moving More

Now you may be gritting your teeth as you read this, thinking that it will be too hard to change how you eat and fit fitness in.

And I won’t lie and tell you it won’t take some will power and intention. It will.

But there are two points of comfort I want to offer you right now…

  1. Even just small changes can make a tremendous difference when it comes to heart health. As New York Times health journalist, Gretchen Reynolds wrote in her groundbreaking book, The First 20 Minutes, the biggest health gains are made in simply moving 20 minutes a day more if you’ve been sedentary.

So while moving more than 20 minutes is even better (although too much exercising, like running marathons, can also be bad for your heart), don’t put activity off because you can’t get yourself to exercise for an hour. Just do 20 minutes and you’ve already changed your fate.

  1. You don’t have to make these changes or get the exercise in all at once. Use small bites.

When it comes to exercise, do 10 minutes in the morning and another 10 minutes in the afternoon.

Sneaky Ways To Shift Your Diet

When it comes to improving nutrition, you don’t have to start eating only tofu and broccoli cold turkey. Make shifts like snacking on fruit, rather than chips. Start changing out your white flour pasta and bread for whole grains.

Add a salad to every meal and an extra serving of veggies and eat those before you dig into everything else.

One of my favorite ways to get more heart-healthy vegetables in is to take chlorella either as a tablet or as granules you can mix right into your food. Chlorella not only gives you powerful heart-healthy antioxidants like chlorophyll and beta carotene, but it also gives you vitamins essential for heart health like vitamin D and B12.

And it gives your heart the essential mineral, magnesium.

Finally, research indicates chlorella may help make a difference in maintaining healthy cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure levels as well as blood pressure levels.[3,4,5]

Women, You Are Your Best Heart Doctor

Heart disease is a very real threat. Medicine can’t cure it. Surgery can’t fix it.

You’re the best doctor when it comes to your heart. Only the changes you make in your life can truly keep your heart healthy for the long term.

But don’t sweat it – it doesn’t have to be a monumental task.

If you take it step by step, you’ll make big changes you never thought you could make!

So take the first step right now. Make a commitment to yourself and your future. Take a small action today and do it again tomorrow and the next day and the next, adding on as you go. By doing so, you’ll be walking towards this heart-healthy future you’ve promised to yourself.


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Treating Women’s Health Problems With 423 Meridian Qi Gong – Part 1

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As I have mentioned in previous articles, one of the benefits of 423 Meridian Qi Gong is the freedom it gives you to tailor the various techniques to suit your individual needs. To help you better understand how to do this we have set out some health issues that many women, whether they are young, middle aged or mature may find they are faced with.  All of these ways of enhancing the health of specific organs are currently used by many of Prof. Liu’s female patients. First, however there are 2 rules that must be observed.

RULE 1. If you are treating a current health problem, increase the number of times you activate the relevant pressure points, and increase the time you spend activating those points.

RULE 2. The more severe the problem, the greater the incremental changes should be.

For all women the two critical points are San Yin Jiao (spleen 6) and Zu San Li (stomach 36).  The other two points Nei Guan (pericardium 6) and He Gu (large intestine 4) will be explored in more detail in the next article.

1. San Yin Jiao (spleen 6)

San yin Jiao is located just above the ankle on the inside of each leg. This point is the intersection of the spleen, liver and kidney meridians, so is of special interest to women as it directly and effectively affects these organs. The liver and kidneys have been found to have a direct effect on hormone metabolism. This point is largely responsible for regulating and maintaining a healthy hormone balance. The importance of this point in womens’

health cannot be over stressed.

Women who frequently suffer from period pain, irregular periods or periods that are too light or too heavy/too long or too short, have gained a significant benefit from massaging Sa Yin Jiao more often and/or for longer than the time suggested for normal health maintenance.  It has also been found to be very useful in preventing and treating problems related to the female reproductive system, and in particular the uterus.

Hormone imbalance is a surprisingly common problem faced by women of all ages as hormones influence a lot of organs.  Women suffering hormone imbalances can suffer Depression, or be withdrawn or temperamental.  Some other more common problems, such as dry skin, loss of skin elasticity, wrinkles, and uneven skin color, low energy levels, and loss of interest in sex, are also found to be associated with hormone imbalance.  Women going through menopause are at more risk of experiencing many of these problems at the same time.

Using the techniques learned in 423 Meridian Qi Gong and increasing the time and/or frequency spent activating San Yin Jiao will greatly improve your body’s ability to prevent or treat these problems. The key is if you are treating a current problem, INCREASE THE NUMBER OF TIMES YOU PERFORM THE TECHNIQUE AND INCREASE THE TIME YOU SPEND ON THE TECHNIQUE. Remember that even if you are on medication you can still safely use any meridian pressure points to improve your health.

Use this important meridian point to prevent health problems or to treat yourself with your own tailor made 423 Meridian Qi Gong program.

2. Zu San Li (stomach 36)

Zu San Li is situated just below the knee on the outside of each leg. This point has a major effect on boosting the immune system. Recent research in China has shown that this is the best point for boosting the immune system in women and men of all ages. More than 90% percent of all people tested showed significant immune system gains in blood tests done immediately after this point was activated. This has direct implications for women’s health.

A deficiency in the immune system can cause MUSCLE PAIN, and pain in the knees, ankles, elbow or shoulders this is often diagnosed as the onset of arthritis or as arthritis.  If the pain moves around or comes and goes, you know the real culprit is an immune system deficiency, not arthritis.  Increase the time and frequency you spend activating Zu San Li. The bigger the problem the more time you need to invest to treat the problem.  You can adjust to suit your needs, as your health starts to improve so you can reduce the time and frequency to suit your improved health situation. 

The importance of a strong immune system to aid in the prevention and treatment of health problems of all kinds regardless of age cannot be ignored. If you have deficiencies in your immune system you can use 423 Meridian Qi Gong to treat them, or you can use 423 Meridian Qi Gong to improve your immune system in order to avoid these problems. Your immune system is a major part of your body’s defense system. UTILIZE IT, MAKE IT WORK FOR YOUR BENEFIT.

Make sure you catch the second half of this report on treating WOMEN’S HEALTH ISSUES so that you can learn where the other 2 pressure points fit in to the 423 Meridian Qi Gong system. It is safe to use this system even if you are on medication or receiving other treatment. The greater the challenge the greater the increase. If you are using the system primarily as a preventive measure,  Congratulations! Prevention is better than cure! All you need to do is to follow the times and frequency as they are demonstrated in the DVD. Assess your own health risks – they ARE personal and unique to you. Only you know what they are, and it’s up to you to adjust your 423 Meridian Qi Gong routine to suit.

Women’s Health

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Consider one of the most potent forces now marketed to rapidly aging baby-boomers: Replacement hormone therapy. Estrogen is touted to alleviate symptoms from hot flashes, prevent osteoporosis (the so-called “brittle bone” disease of aging), and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

But estrogen is not without risk. Because “pure” estrogen increases the risk of uterine cancer, some women take a combination pill which combines estrogen and progestin. Although this lowers the risk of uterine cancer, some experts worry that any replacement hormone might increase the long-term risk of breast cancer. The long-awaited results of the Postmenopausal Estrogen/ Progestin Intervention Trials released last November revealed that hormones reduced the risk of heart disease but the study was too short-term to address the possible long-term breast cancer risk.

Estrogen or exercise?

Before you reach for a hormone pill or a patch, consider a “wonder” therapy that you may have overlooked. It’s called exercise.

Walking has been shown to lower high blood pressure and exercise can help control, and possibly even prevent, diabetes. Both high blood pressure and diabetes are strong heart disease risk factors in women.

As for osteoporosis, weight-bearing exercises, such as walking and lifting weights, help build strong bones. Even swimming, not traditionally thought of as a bone-builder, may be beneficial.

Remember though, if you have heart disease or other medical problems, talk to your doctor before undertaking vigorous exercise.

If you’ve undergone a hysterectomy, have severe menopausal symptoms, or very strong risk factors for heart disease or osteoporosis, hormones may benefit you. But whether or not you opt for replacement hormones, you may want to join me in trying exercise, the other “miracle” therapy.

Women’s Health Facts:

According to the experts, the most common sexual problem experienced by female heart patients is a lack of desire.

If a woman has undergone heart surgery, she may feel undesirable because of her incision. Or she may be afraid of taking an active role when having sex.

Her partner may hold back out of fear of hurting her. To make matters worse, some medications can dampen passion.

The key to a good sexual relationship is the same as the key to any other good relationship communication. If you’re accustomed to discussing your problems frankly, you should find it easier to talk about those of a sexual nature.

One of the biggest fears experienced by all heart patients, male or female, is that sexual excitement will lead to a heart attack. Happily, this fear simply is not grounded in fact. Here are the facts for most women:

If you are able to climb a flight of stairs without becoming short of breath or experiencing chest pain you should be able to resume passive sex with safety.

If you are planning to be the active partner, or anticipate finding sex especially exciting, climbing two flights of stairs without breathlessness or chest pain is the rule-of-thumb.
If you have concerns, talk to your doctor. An approved exercise program can help you get into shape for anything, including sex!

A heart-healthy lifestyle should include a satisfying sex life as well. And that’s no joke.

Buy Natural Female Enhancement Supplements to Remove the Causes of Women Sexual Health

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Female enhancement supplements in all ways help to recover the sexual needs of a woman. They play a vital role in both emotional as well as physical growth and development of a woman’s life. A woman suffering from poor sexual disorders such as low libido, vaginal dryness, lack of sex drive, pain during intercourse and weak orgasm needs to take these supplements so as to remove these problems.

There are a number of synthetic as well as herbal female libido enhancers available in the market so as to get rid of these bad health troubles. All you need to do is; to find the most excellent product for you to get the best, instant and positive results without having any side effects. So, you can say that a good sexual health is an important aspect of every woman’s life. There are several reasons that can be responsible for the bad sexual health of a woman. So, it is necessary for every woman to avoid them as they can result in the personal disputes and arguments in a marital life.

Various Causes of Women’s Bad Sexual Health:

There can be loads of causes or reasons that can lead to a bad woman sexual health. It can affect the married life of a woman in many ways. The various reasons are as follows and you can easily remove them to get a better health.

Unhealthy and Poor Diet: One of the most significant reasons of poor sex drive is the unhealthy and imbalanced diet. A woman who is not taking her routine diet in proper way can face this problem as a poor diet results in weakness. This will lead to poor sexual activities which can be a problem for the married couple. So, it is suggested to take nutritional as well as healthy diet so as to protect you from these problems.

Depression: It can also be a cause of poor sexual health. Depression can be of various types such as financial problems, family hardship or some other personal issues in the marital relationships of a couple. So a woman must be out of stress in order to remove these problems.

Overloaded Work: Tiredness due to overloaded work can also be a main issue. There are numerous women who get tired due to their daily routine works. This makes them annoyed and frustrated which can lead to several arguments and influences among the couple. So, it must be suggested to take different nutrition’s like vitamins, calcium, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates as they are essential for proper growth and functioning of the body and they will also keep you fit and strong.

Age Factor: Age factor can also be the major cause of poor women sexual health. As we ages, the level of hormones starts to decline which results in the weakness of orgasms in the body. So it better to take various female enhancement supplements so as to avoid these issues.

There are numerous supplements available at online as well as land based stores but the most convenient and safe way to buy them is online stores. The reason is that with the online stores you can read the reviews of various customers so as to get the best product for you.

If you want the best, safe and instant results then it is better to buy herbal female libido enhancers as they do not contain any side effects. “Provestra” is 100% safe and natural way to re-ignite the excitement and sexual desire in women as it is a combination of all natural nutrients and herbal botanical ingredients such as Maca, Cayenne peppers, Black cohosh Root, Licorice root, Red clover, Red raspberry leaf, Bayberry fruit, Ginger root, Indole-3-Carbinol and Damiana Leaf which helps to increase the blood flow of clitoris for more arousal, strengthen the reproductive system, stronger orgasms and improve sexual excitement. So, choose the best and safe female enhancement supplement to improve your sexual health.